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Group photo of Isuzu Borneo SafariTeam

Embark on an Xtreme Adventure IN BORNEO SAFARI

Isuzu D-Max Taking on Borneo Safari

The 31st Borneo Safari International Off-Road Challenge — One of the biggest off-road events in SEA entering its 31st year in 2023 it has grown in popularity participation this year has 450 participants with 530 vehicles from 8 countries —is all about grit and determination. It’s not just about challenging the rugged terrain of Borneo but also challenging the adventurous spirit in participants. It is a celebration of resilience, teamwork, and unyielding boldness.

Going along this journey will be a Crew of 5, Baki Zainal, Hee Wei Seng, Wing, Veron Kong, and Jacqueline. Follow their stories as they take the challenge of 8 days into the wild for an exploration like no other, embrace the courage to face the harshest conditions, and discover how the featured vehicles—modified D-Max Single Cabs and D-Max X-Terrain—will conquer all the thrills in Borneo's challenging landscapes, showcasing lifestyle utility and off-road prowess


Watch & win

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Baki Zanal is the host for Xtreme Borneo Challenge Season 2
Xteme Borneo Challenge Parcipant Jacqueline
Xteme Borneo Challenge Parcipant Wing Purecargasm
Xteme Borneo Challenge Parcipant Hee Wei Seng
Xteme Borneo Challenge Parcipant Veron Kong

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Featured Vehicles

Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain and Single Cab Monster Units

Going through the heart of the Borneo Safari, where adventure and nature intertwine, are our featured vehicles: the modified Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain and the Isuzu D-Max Single Cab 1.9L diesel-turbo engine. In the challenge, they will showcase their prowess through the most challenging terrains the Borneo Safari has to offer. Raw power with sophisticated technology, endurance and capability — you will see it all.

Urban Charm Meets Off-Road Resilience

 Under the hood, the 3.0L Blue Power Turbo-Diesel engine packs a formidable 190PS and 450Nm torque. The Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain blends elegance perfectly with ruggedness. This vehicle combines Isuzu’s trademark sturdiness with a contemporary urban charm, making it a versatile choice for city roads and off-road adventures alike.

The Ultimate Workhorse


At its base, the Isuzu D-Max Single Cab, with its 1.9L turbo-diesel engine generating 150PS and 350Nm of torque, delivers superior performance and enhanced fuel efficiency. The resilient 1.9L diesel engine proves to exceed expectations, conquering Borneo Safari's challenging terrains and showcasing its true power in the face of the untamed wilderness.

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